About Supermom ShuffleBox

A little about me and how Supermom ShuffleBox came to be!

About Sarah:

I’m a mommy, wife, and blogger. I have a husband and 2 little boys, so I'm surrounded by men all day. Mommy-ing is my very favorite thing. I drive a mini-van. I don’t eat nearly enough vegetables. I definitely eat way too many cookies. A mocha from Starbucks can make my day. I’m a recovering procrastinator, an online shopping enthusiast and organizing is my favorite hobby. 

About Supermom ShuffleBox:

ShuffleBox was born from my blog, Supermom Shuffle. For the last 3 years at Supermom Shuffle, I've helped moms with their busy, hectic and stressful lives. When I started thinking about a subscription box, I knew all my experience as both a writer AND a mommy in the trenches would give me the insight to make a mom box that would be super special. 

I knew I could create a box that actually addressed the needs of super busy moms. A box that would help them find the time they so desperately need in their days. I created Supermom ShuffleBox to help moms be the best moms they can be, one month at a time!

Need to Contact Us?

Do you have a product you'd like to see featured in the box? Are you a media contact? You can reach us by emailing sarah@supermomshufflebox.com and we will respond ASAP to your question/inquiry!